The Birds Collection

Birds are not grounded. They don’t stay where they don't belong. They're in movement, spreading their wings toward the best place for them. They don’t compromise, they are accurate

I started this line without planning it becoming to a collection. I was sitting in a humid workshop in New Delhi, India, several years ago. I sketched one bird and then came another one and another one... In a look back on that hot day, there was something tender within me more than usual. Beautiful things come in their own time, I guess. I couldn’t summon it, yet I couldn’t ignore it when it appeared. It happens once in a while in our lives that we recognize a feeling in the guts. We should listen to it. Never ignore it.  It might lead us to beautiful places. And so I did. I dared and walked the first step towards something that made feel excitement. I find it releasing, there for these birds resemble for me daring and freedom

I believe all of us want that in a way for ourselves- accuracy. I find my birds jewelry as a gentle daily reminder for the freedom of choice we have. I Hope you will as  well