About The Designer

“There is freedom waiting for you on the edge of the sky,
and you ask “what if I fall?”
Oh, but my darling. What if you fly?
/ e.h


As a woman whose freedom is very important to her, my mission is to be your daily reminder to the freedom you naturally own, to wings spreading and to pursue your passions and your deepest truth. Every glance at your Emetti’s jewelry will be your private contract with yourself for non-compromising and living fully, daring and free life.

Three years ago, a couple of months after a romantic heartbreak,  I decided to go to India in order to breath a different air. In a look back, that trip changed my WHOLE LIFE. I was only supposed to stay for a month. I was registered at the University of TLV for B.A in psychology and had a good job even though I hadn’t finished my degree. After a month in India, I wanted to stay longer. I left school, quit my job and stayed for whole 6 months.

Much of the style in India, while colorful and inspiring, was the same. Everyone wore the same type of jewelry. I wanted to wear something different, as usual. I met a jeweler and asked him to create a piece I based on one of my sketches. This jeweler brought my earring design to life and as I wore them around, people would stop me between one chai to another to ask where I got them. I was flattered that my own design is drawn an attention!

I continued to follow my gut and do many things outside of my comfort zone, things I had never done before. I felt I had to be 180 degrees opposite to who I was before I came to India. I can't explain it. It was an inexplicable impulse. I went bungee jumping, cliff diving and on incredible hikes in the remarkable snowy Himalayas.

Inspired by my adventures, I went back to the workshop and decided to go for it! I dove headfirst into designing more jewelry. Everything that came out was birds. I spent all my money creating my collection and didn’t let my family in on any of it. Once I had started following my gut, I couldn’t stop. After six months in remarkable India, I went to South America and went backpacking through Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile with barely any money. I lived in a tent, found myself hitch-hiking with wonderful and interesting people and I’ve learned Spanish on the way! After 3 months, I finish completely all the saving I ever had and left with only 300 dollars. I got a job in the US Virgin Islands, then spent a year in NYC and another few months in Hawaii.

Eventually, after 2 years of exploring, failing, succeeding and living a fully adventurous unexpected life, I decided to move back home to Israel. Every time I visited, I felt focused on designing and making jewelry. So I put an end to my journey, and started a new one - I set up a workshop and began to put all of my energy into creating my collection.

My designs are not just birds; they symbolize a woman running after her dream. I had felt so much pressure to go to university because I was the first in my family who didn't earn a degree, but my need to be free was stronger. Although I have settled in Israel, freedom, and wings spreading continue to be my compasses. I believe that by liberating myself from fears and dedicating myself to encouraging others to do the same, automatically liberates others. And that is the deepest purpose of my life.

We live once, “should of, could of, would of” doesn’t exist. Are you ready to take action in your life? Check out my lookbook to get inspired and choose your own daily reminder for wings spreading.