Long Gold & Diamonds feather necklace

Long Gold & Diamonds feather necklace

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 "I know you're a bird, You know you're a bird. But don't tell about it to anyone else. People understand nothing about birds. They can hardly understand about themselves. They will keep you in a cage. Put a strap against your rage. Give you water, only water - Drop by drop. You'll be asked to have your wings cut and forgotten. You'll be asked to be released from all your hopes. They will fill you with regrets, force your mind to forget all the things you always wanted to be. They will make you believe you meant to stay here and surrender all your dreams to gravity.  I know you can fly. I Saw you slashing through the sky.  But never do it in front of them. They're afraid of any truth they didn't think of. They're afraid of all the things they can't explain" \ Barak Feldman

The birds' collection is a gentle, daily reminder of wings spreading and the freedom of choice we have. It is inspired by the beauty of the elegant animal.                       

14k gold, 0.15 ct. weight 6.4 grams. Pendant Length 5 cm. Necklace's length is Extra long and has to length options.  

Every EMETTI piece is handmade in the depth of Tel Aviv. Items are made to order, therefore, please allow up to 10 days before shipping creating your one of a kind piece.